Wordcamp Asheville Branding

WordCamp Asheville Branding - AnimationWordCamps are locally organized volunteer-run conferences that are aimed at informing and educating people interested in WordPress. Starting in 2006 in San Francisco, the first WordCamp inspired several local communities around the world that have organized hundreds of events since then.

In July 2015, WordCamp Asheville attracted bloggers, business owners, designers, developers, and hobbyists from Western North Carolina and beyond for a weekend of learning, exploring WordPress and making connections with potential business partners. The event offered presentations and talks that were divided into four tracks — all users, business, developer, and design & front-end.

The organizing committee invited us to be a part of the WordCamp Asheville branding and graphic design team alongside Corey Bullman (Bullman Design) and Jamie King (Sparking Design). Using “exploration and connection” as the core concepts, we determined the style and aesthetics that helped bring direction to the event branding.

WordCamp Asheville 2015 Secondary Wordmark & Color

WordCamp Asheville 2015 Typography

We didn’t merely rely on the identity design to embody the theme of the event. By using dashed-line illustrations, we established a visual language that was flexible and capable of being adapted to a set of icons for all four WordCamp tracks. Serving as brand elements, the icons were further used as a graphic resource for banners, stickers, newsletters, website and event schedule.

WordCamp Asheville Branding - T-Shirt with Wordmark

WordCamp Asheville Branding - Icon Set WordCamp Asheville 2015 Primary Wordmark Banner Graphics

WordCamp Asheville Branding - Banners In Context WordCamp Asheville 2015 Schedule WordCamp Asheville 2015 Icon Stickers

WordCamp Asheville 2015 Koozies with Wordmark

If you want to read more about our WordCamp Asheville branding and design efforts, as well as our experience attending the event, check out the news post we wrote just after the event.

This project has been featured in Print Magazine Regional Design Annual 2016, Graphic Design USA 2016, and Identity Designed.


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