Wired India Magazine Spread

WIRED Magazine - Full Spread

When Wired UK was planning to do a feature on Indian startups, they contacted ODDS to design the editorial spread introducing the article. The publication’s brief was simple — hand-painted typography design on a textured background, created using Devanagari script. The title of the article is a Hindi translation of Wired India and this text spans across the first two pages of the article.

Our exploration process led to the use of vibrant colors, illustrated motifs and 3-D typographic style prevalent of Indian Truck Art. Once the design was finalized, we painted the detailed design onto a 4′ x 4′ rough wooden canvas, which was later photographed and used as artwork within the magazine. Eight separate colors were integrated into this piece, requiring several layers of paint to dry before each new application.

This project has been awarded at: Type Directors Club 63 and Communication Arts Typography Annual 7.

WIRED Magazine - Spread Detail

Detail of hand-painted type.

WIRED Magazine - Type Detail 1

As part of this project, we designed three additional pull-out quotes that appear throughout the article. These were also painted by hand onto 2′ x 2′ rough wooden boards.

WIRED Magazine - Type Detail 2 WIRED Magazine - Type Detail 3

All boards were photographed by Asheville Art Family. The article was published in the September issue labeled “Wired 100.” The design was selected to appear in the Communication Arts Typography Annual in January 2017.

WIRED Magazine - Call Out

WIRED Magazine - Cover


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