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Tyner Construction is one of the most respected and sought-after custom home builders in the Carolinas. The folks at Tyner have been building fine homes in Asheville and the surrounding area since 1979. ODDS worked with Tyner in creating a new website that correlates with the reputation the company has worked hard to earn.

Tyner Construction Website - Home Page

One of the main functions of the new Tyner Construction website is to provide a place for the company to showcase their work. Located on the home page is a full-screen image slider that allows viewers to instantly get an impression of the quality of craft that Tyner achieves. Additionally, the portfolio section of the website serves as an organized gallery of these and more high quality images.
Tyner Construction Website - Portfolio

Considering the fact that Tyner is so well-established in the region, it was important that the website include information about the company’s history, team members and the relationships they have built over the years.

Tyner Construction Team Page - Full

Tyner Construction - Icons

It is evident that the people of Tyner love what they do and it especially shows when they describe the building process. We created icons to appear beside related content blocks to incorporate some of that personality and attention to detail in the Process section of the website.

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