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Born from the love of beers, bikes and beautiful mountains, REEB Ranch is the brainchild of Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery. The Ranch is a short distance from the brewery’s second location in Brevard, NC, making the mountain bike mecca of Dupont State Recreational Forest conveniently accessible. REEB Ranch offers guests a chance to take in the scenery of Western North Carolina through camping and lodging accommodations, bike rentals, weddings and special events. We were contacted by the folks at REEB with the task of creating a comprehensive website for the Ranch which provides visitors with information and facilitates access to its numerous offerings.

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To reflect the Ranch’s aesthetic, we took inspiration from the use of bright colors throughout the Oskar Blues brand that makes its products easily recognizable. We tapped into this use of color and contrast, while presenting it in a way that allows the content on the page to be easily read and navigated. The use of borders, textural patterns and other small graphical elements provides character to the page, setting the tone and presenting to the website visitor that REEB Ranch is a fun place to celebrate and explore. The barnwood background of the footer is particularly reflective of the ranch and remains global throughout the website.

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The site is fully responsive, allowing for comfortable navigation on any device. The slide menu keeps the focus on the content and the growing menu is kept tidy. Visitors are able to easily book reservations for lodging and camping through the CheckFront application embedded onto the site. The application’s presence was reflected with the site’s look & feel. They can also stay up to date by signing up for the Ranch’s newsletter. Through the use of full-screen and tiled image galleries, we were able to showcase the scenic charm of the property and its surroundings.

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