Radical Movement Factory Identity

Radical Movement Factory Feature

Radical Movement Factory is a creative space based in Santa Cruz, California offering classes in contemporary aerial acts and acrobatic floor-work. The Factory is committed to providing professional training in the collaborative, authentic art form with a non-competitive focus.

Aerial-Acts-Radical Movement-Factory

Artistic Directors Allie Cooper and Rose Calucchia reached out to ODDS to create the Factory’s identity.

Radical Movement Factory Alternate Lockup

The new identity for Radical Movement Factory evolved from basic geometric shapes — rectangles, circles and triangles. The interesting thing about this typography is how the blocks interconnect allowing the invisible readability while showing the progression and creation of the word “Factory.” The typography takes inspiration from the interdependence exhibited between partners working closely with each other while performing acrobatic acts. The lines intersecting and surrounding the identity represent the aerial fabrics and trapeze used by the performers. The textured look of the identity signifies the character of the raw and industrial space that houses the Factory.

Radical Movement Factory Typography Radical Movement Factory Color Palette

Radical Movement Factory - Acrobatic Figures Tshirt Mockup



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