Mica Gallery

Mica is a cooperative art gallery featuring 14 local artists from the surrounding mountains around Bakersville, NC. Mica opened its doors in 2012 and after a year of success decided to work on pushing their existing brand identity further. They approached ODDS to help with a redesign.

Mica Identity Design

The Mica gallery identity design project was intended as a facelift to the existing Mica identity which was simply a signature. The focus was on keeping the playfulness of the existing signature, while better providing further context to gallery’s location and emphasis on the collaborative aspect in which the gallery exists. The final wordmark represents a more prominent shape, better integrating the view of the mountains, while making the identity clear to read and allowing for a short tagline statement.

Mica - Before & After Identity Design

A logomark was also created to use with their brand, which is to be used in areas with space limitations and for social media such as Facebook. The logomark simply brings the letterforms together, further emphasizing the mountain landscape. The final form acts as a stamp, which represents an artist’s mark that one would commonly find on the bottom of any artwork featured in the gallery.

Mica Logomark

The color palette is bright and cheerful. Anyone who walks into Mica’s gallery feels the light and airiness of the space. Green and yellow is a color combination already used within their gallery. We refined the colors and matched them to accent colors which may optionally be found throughout their advertising campaigns.

Mica Color Palette
Mica also asked us to design a set of advertising templates that can be used for the next year or two. We created several ads and postcards at various sizes that can act as templates, easily swapping out photos to highlight ongoing events.

Mica gallery postcard
Mica Events Postcard
Mica Magazine Ad

The Mica website allows for a simple way to present the gallery to their online viewers. The home page features a slide show of images of their gallery, while the interior pages present each of the 16 artists that make up the cooperative gallery. An events page simply lists the shows they have throughout the year.

Mica - Home Mica - Website - Artists

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