Horn Please Documentary

The trucking industry of India has played an instrumental role in shaping Indian trade and commerce for decades. It’s a common belief among the truck owners of India that a beautiful truck is good for business and therefore the owners decorate their trucks with ornamented designs and vivid colors. Initial research demonstrated that little has been done to document this vernacular art form of India. It was this lack that inspired me to document this art form. During the summer of 2012, I traveled to six cities of India and collected information about the Indian truck art and people related to this art form. The information collected during this trip acted as a catalyst for the creation of Horn Please.

Horn Please is a documentary film that encapsulates various aspects of the Indian Truck art—its origin and evolution, and how it influences not just the world of art but also the lives of the artists and the truckers who interact with it on a daily basis. At its heart, Horn Please investigates whether this traditional art, as a unique form of expression, will survive the modern day demands of the Industry. The title is derived from a painted message seen behind most of the trucks in India. It is a signal for the vehicles behind the trucks to blow the horn before overtaking.

Horn Please poster

The documentary film involves a collaborative effort by professionals from various industries (advertising, production, editing, music etc.) who came together to create a film and share the story of the truck art of India with the masses.

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