Spit Stain Graffiti Campaign

Gutkha, an indigenous form of tobacco, has been a fixture in the mouths of millions of Indians causing thousands of cases of oral cancer annually. After gutkha is consumed, the leftover juice is usually spat onto a wall, causing an unsightly red stain that stays. These stains have become a part of the landscape. When Cancer Patients Aid Association wanted to make the masses aware of the evils of gutkha, we used these stains to our advantage and created graffiti around them that looked as if the gutkha users were vomiting blood. The project was featured in the Communication Arts Advertising Annual 2010, and also recognized at multiple international award shows including D&AD (Inbook), Clio Advertising (Bronze), and Cannes Lions Advertising Festival (Finalist).

The gutkha awareness campaign was a collaborative effort of Nikhil Panjwani and Shantanu Suman.



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