Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans

Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans AnimationOwner of Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans, JT Look is a bike enthusiast and a highly skilled bike mechanic who recently moved to Philadelphia and opened a bike shop that also serves delicious Vermont coffee.

With no other bike-cafés in the area, JT decided to combine the two cultures that really go hand in hand. He created a welcoming, pleasant space where other bike enthusiasts gather, have a cup of coffee and talk about even the simplest of their bike problems, in between sips. We decided to create a playful and dynamic identity for this bike shop that provides a top-notch service and where friends sharing the same interests gather.


The visual identity design takes cues from vintage bicycle badges. The design elements consist of a wordmark, an illustration and a tagline assembled within a bicycle badge shaped container. To support the overall look and the tagline “Sip and go fast!” we worked with our illustrator Camille Demarinis to create an illustration of a biker carrying a coffee mug.

Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans - Identity-05Finally we created different versions of the visual identity that were modified to ensure the best reproduction quality at various sizes. The typefaces, colors and shape of the visual identity were carefully selected to provide a vintage and rustic feel to the design.

Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans - Identity - Lockups

Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans - Identity - Color Palette

Fishtown Bikes-n-Beans - Identity - Type Palette



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