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FEHLŌ is an artisan made design company located in Asheville, NC. They make beautifully designed functional products for your home, such as furniture, lighting and kitchen objects. Designed by 7 Ton Co., we teamed up with them and developed FEHLŌ’s e-commerce website.

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The website creatively features all of their products on the home page of their website, in a “lookbook,” or catalog style, linking into the product detail pages. Mouse-over one of the products, and a brief description of the product appears.

Fehlo Products Page

Woocommerce allowed us to provide a robust shopping cart experience, while keeping with the design of the website.

Fehlo Cart and Product Details

FEHLŌ has a deep relationship to the arts community and the artisans which produce their products. Their blog, Stories from the Field, allows them to talk about these relationships, their experiences, as well as any news they wish to share to their audience.

FEHLO Website Stories


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