Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A.

Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A. - IdentityBrian C. Hunter is an accounting firm in Asheville that is built on a tradition of service, technical expertise and innovative thinking to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Established in 1995 and located in an authentic Queen Anne Style home restored by Brian himself, the firm is rooted in the historic neighborhood of Montford.

Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A. - Identity - Concept

To create the new identity design for Brian C. Hunter, we referenced original artifacts within the firm, specifically the decorative elements found in the doorknobs of the building. We found these locking mechanisms—in use and on display at the firm’s office—to symbolize authenticity, exclusivity and security, thus highlighting the firm’s commitment towards being trustworthy as well as resourceful. Additionally, we were inspired by the typography on U.S. currency for designing the firm’s signature, further confirming its role as a dependable part of the community.

Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A. - Identity - Lockups

Four versions of the Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A. identity lock-ups were created to facilitate its use in a range of printed materials and digital media. A set of core and secondary colors was selected and refined by using colors located around the firm as the base palette.

Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A. - TypographyBrian C. Hunter Color Palette
Brian C. Hunter, CPA, P.A. - Office



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