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When TJO Bees contacted us to create their new look, we immediately realized that this would be a really sweet project (pun intended)! The wide scope of the project has allowed us to translate this new look across several mediums including the identity design, packaging labels and web design.

TJO Bees is a family-owned honey producer located in Flasher, North Dakota with 20 years of beekeeping experience. This multifaceted project began with the identity redesign with focus on the obvious stars of any honey business — the bees. Camille Demarinis was enlisted to create an intricate, 3-layered illustration of a honeybee. Along with the business name, we incorporated this illustration within a hexagonal container to represent the honeycomb cells.

This project has been featured on the design blog, Packaging of the World.

TJO Bees Identity DesignIn the next phase, TJO Bees asked us to create honey label designs for three distinct varieties of honey — each with it’s own container style and size*. This challenged us to translate the identity into circular, oval and rectangular formats while keeping the essence of the brand, intact.

TJO Bees Honey Label Designs - Full Product Line*Photograph of 8oz jar not to size.

TJO Bees Honey Label Designs - Product Line with Dipper

It has been said that a great product sells itself. While this may be true, a great design and a distinctive look go a long way in catching the customers attention. We are extremely proud of the identity, packaging, and website provided by the designers at ODDS. In addition to the praise we often receive for our logo and branding, our online sales have increased five-fold since the redesign completed by ODDS. Thank you ODDS for the excellent work!!!

TJO Bees Raw & Unfiltered Honey Label Designs

TJO Bees Infused Honey Label Designs with Dipper

TJO Bees Product Labels Infused Honey - Angle ViewLastly we created a new website for TJO Bees to help market their products, both online as well as in the local markets. According to their expectations, the layout was kept clean and concise with product sales venues, information about their company and images of their process & products at the forefront of the design.

TJO Bees Website Design

Client: TJO Bees

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