Lindsay Rogers Ceramics Website

Lindsay Rogers Ceramics creates handmade tableware in Asheville, North Carolina. After completing her graduate studies, Lindsay was in need of a new identity and a website to showcase her most recent work. With this new website, she was looking to create a comprehensive online portfolio where she could share images of her completed work as well as images of her studio process. Additionally she needed a place to share general information about her work, upcoming events as well as a place to host online sales.

Lindsay Rogers Ceramics WebsiteIt was important to Lindsay that the website highlight the functionality and usefulness of her work. By taking luscious photographs of her pottery with food, we were able to transform the landing page of her new website into a full screen, rotating slide show of the pottery in the context of use.

Lindsay also needed an area to present her thesis work from graduate school. A section was created specifically to highlight this project and allows the user to click through photos of her research, the exhibition installation and formal photos of each piece.

Lindsay Rogers MFA Thesis Project

The website can easily be used and navigated from mobile to desktop screens, allowing visitors to purchase Lindsay Rogers Ceramics work with ease.

Lindsary Rogers Ceramics - Responsive Design

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