Community of Athletes

Community of Athletes is a wonderful start up organization in Durham, NC aiming to connect college athletes and collegiate athletic programs with local charities. Its mission is to build a community among athletes dedicated to serving the community. CoA provides connections, logistics, and marketing to ease the involvement of athletes into volunteering opportunities. We are helping to bring this idea alive through designing their identity.

Our design for the CoA identity highlights their mission of community building and connectivity. The two M’s of the word Community are joined to form a human paper chain (or connecting jersey’s) to create a visual representation of this community among athletes.

Community of Athletes

While the wordmark is the preferred identity for Community of Athletes, the identity may display in different forms. An alternative wordmark without the containing form is created for use in more horizontal layout areas. For smaller areas, the connected M’s may also serve as a logomark. To support and grow brand awareness, the CoA monogram was created for smaller space uses as well.


Community of Athletes Identity

Community of Athletes - Identity Architecture

“ODDS was a great experience from start to finish!  Marisa and Shantanu were extremely helpful and pleasant to work with, but most importantly they provided me with a beautiful final product. They provided me with a number of unique and beautifully designed options and worked me through the process until I settled on the one that suited me and my company the best. I can’t recommend ODDS highly enough and would use them again in a heartbeat.”
– Justin Pini, Founder

Community of Athletes Color Palette

The colors burgundy and gold are selected as main colors of the identity core color palette. Burgundy references the color of support for permanently disabled adults. Gold is symbolic of the highest achievement in athletics. Olive green and brown/black compliment the burgundy and gold as accent colors of the core palette.


Community of Athletes Pattern

The connecting M’s create a natural pattern which may be used in various ways such as a border in apparel or on a website.



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