Anna Callouri Holcombe Identity & Website

Anna Callouri Holcombe is a practicing ceramic artist and professor of ceramics at the University of Florida. She was in need of a website that not only highlights her work, but keeps people updated on her latest workshops and exhibitions. She had an active blog that she wanted better integrated into her website.

A new identity and website was designed for Anna. The website allows her to showcase all of these important events and display ongoing work. It allows her to update everything on her own through WordPress. The site’s blog is set up to auto-post to Facebook and is integrated with MailChimp’s online email campaign service.

Anna Callouri Holcombe

I have been more than pleased with my website and its upkeep since working with ODDS. The planning was done professionally and the focus was on meeting my needs in a website. The actual design and building of the site was done in a timely way, and with a good deal of two-way communication. I have received positive feedback on my site and am proud to direct people there. ODDS has helped me to keep it fresh and up-to-date with its effortless maintenance agreement. I cannot be happier!

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