Aeneas Venture Partners

When Alex Tauber (“a former shrimp farmer, entrepreneur and a dog rescuer” — his words, not ours) contacted ODDS to design his business card, he asked us to create a piece of work that is simple, memorable and a conversation starter rather than the typical exchange of contact information. An admirer of the great American outdoors, Alex and his wife, Suzette, have some very fond memories of the majestic Mt. Aeneas in Montana. Located in the Jewel Basin, Mt. Aeneas is made special by a tall granite-like peak with ice that melts during the summer and water feeding the deep blue lakes that are hundreds/thousands feet below the peak. Mesmerized by this wonderful view during one of the hikes, Alex and Suzette Tauber decided to name their company Aeneas Venture Partners.

During our research, we got inspired by the picturesque nature of the vintage travel posters and thus created a simple yet meticulously illustrated business card to represent Aeneas Venture Partners. To further enhance the alluring feel of the Mt. Aeneas illustration, the business cards were finally printed using the letterpress technique.

Letterpress printing by Beth Schaible of 7 Ton Co.

This project has been featured on the design blog, For Print Only.

Aeneas Venture Partners Identity and Business Cards

“I wanted a very unusual business card design – a piece that was simple, memorable, and a conversation starter; A piece that was grounded in a beautiful scene that my wife and I love in Montana. I did not want a piece of paper to exchange information. I worked with ODDS, specifically Marisa and Shantanu. They were incredibly methodical. After a thorough “discovery” phase, they proposed several amazing alternatives.  Once an alternative was chosen, they took that choice along every step of the printing process to deliver a beautiful card that has a very unique look and feel to it. Along every step of the way, they communicated constantly and nothing was left to chance. Without hesitation, I would use them again and recommend them to anyone that I know who wants to do something tasteful and well thought out. They are a great crew!”
– Alexander Tauber, Aeneas Venture Partners

Aeneas Venture Partners Identity and Business Cards (grid)

Aeneas Venture Partners Identity and Business Cards- Close Up

Close Up View

Aeneas Venture Partners Identity and Business Cards - Letterpress Printing Process

Press Check

Aeneas Venture Partners Identity and Business Cards - Photopolymer Plate

Photopolymer Plate

Aeneas Venture Partners Identity and Business Cards - Color Proofing

2 color runs through the press


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